10 Most Terrible Bridges In The World

Today we'll tell you about the bridges that will scare you to death just by looking at them here we have the ten most incredible bridges in the world. Some bridges are very old very narrow or very high but this doesn't matter as many of them are worldwide tourist destinations and attract travellers from all over the world. The more dangerous tall and old they are the better in many cases is necessary for locals to cross these bridges while extreme sports enthusiasts are driven by the desire to have an adrenalin rush.

1. Glass Bridge of Hunan in China

The most incredible and scary bridge on our list in the chinese province of Hunan a glass bridge was opened considered the longest bridge of its kind the 1410 foot long pedestrian bridge is built as an altitude of 980 feet and connects to mountainous cliffs in Jiang giichi National Park where the film avatar was filmed. The bridge is 20 feet wide and the construction of the structure cost 3.4 million dollars the bridge floor consists of 99 transparent plates made of three layer glass characterized by their incredible strength . In general glass bridges are very popular in China because of the opportunity to take interesting panoramic photos they're also used for yoga classes and newlyweds like to do wedding photo sessions on these bridges.

2. Capilano Bridge Vancouver

Capilano located in the vicinity of Vancouver. Capilano bridge is considered one of the most extreme and one of the most attractive bridges on the planet. It crosses a river and is located in a natural area of great beauty surrounded by evergreen forests the bridge. It was opened in 1956 its length is 460 feet and the design itself is absolutely safe and can support the weight of 96 elephants at a time but despite the guarantee of absolute safety crossing the bridge requires great caution because it situated at an incredible height and swings remarkably. When walking if you're one of those who fears heights even a few seconds on the bridge can make you feel dizzy and panic. It should also be noted that the Capilano bridge is privately owned. It annually around 900,000 tourists visit this tourist attraction.

3. Husseiny Bridge Pakistan

Husseiny bridge is located in Pakistan and called Hussain. It is an interesting place for extreme entertainment enthusiasts. The problem is that this area is characterized by windy weather and therefore the bridge built with fine ropes and boards is gradually disappearing. The Hussaini bridge is very old even the locals don't remember the exact date of its construction. During years of use many boards of fallen and gaps between the remaining parts of the structure have become quite significant. Because of the huge holes in the icy wind that literally doesn't stop blowing for a minute crossing the hunza river along this bridge is an incredibly dangerous task.

4. Carrick-A-Rede of British County

Carrick-a-rede located in the British County of Antrim. The carrick-a-rede bridge has long been one of the region's most popular attractions. The bridge connects the rest of Ireland's are the small island of Carrick which for a long time attracted local fishermen. It was them who built this bridge so that they could easily reach the island during the salmon migration and engage in fishing.

The wobbly rope bridge was only open to the bravest people a clumsy movement could make you lose your balance and cost you your life but over time the fishing areas were used up and the bridge became unnecessary. However, several years ago it won the contest for Northern Ireland's most extreme attractions and a large amounts of money was allocated for its reconstruction.

5. Ojuela Bridge Mexico

Ojuela is one of the most dangerous and mysterious bridges on the planet is located in Mexico. The construction of the structure through the deep Canyon began in 1898 and it served as the shortest pass to the city where active extraction of precious metals and other minerals was carried out. After the construction was completed the Ojuela bridge remained one of the longest suspension bridges in the world for many years it stood out for its high strength to reinforce its structure.

6. Monkey Bridges of Vietnam

Monkey bridges of southern Vietnam in several areas of the Mekong River Delta. They don't look too much like classical bridges so they were given the unusual name Monkey bridges contrary to the widespread misconception that they're only suitable for monkey movement. Bridges have helped local residents for many years thick bamboo stems were use for the construction of these structures which were fastened with ropes to safely overcome one of the monkey bridges. The person has to bend over resembling monkeys between these bridges there are short and long rather high and low ones and the only thing they have in common is their peculiar shape this type of bridge can be destroyed at any time so it's necessary to wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles.

7. U Pain Bridge Across Lake Taunton

More than 150 years ago Myanmar residents built a bridge called the U Pain across Lake Taunton. This structure is very different from other suspension and rope bridges. In other countries of the world one of the important design features is the lack of handrails which makes crossing over in credibly dangerous. The height of the bridge is more than twice the height of a person so falling to the bottom of the lake covered with sharp stones can become a tragedy. It seems that the locals don't bother with so much danger they move across the bridge with huge loads and even bicycles.

8. Ghasa Bridge Nepal

Located in Nepal the ghasa bridge is one of those structures that just takes your breath away just by looking at it. It's located not far from the village of the same name and is used to transport not only people but also livestock for local residents. Animal husbandry has been the main livelihood for many years so the large number of domestic animals has led them to build a bridge. The narrow construction is placed at an enormous height and is also quite sensitive to the gusts of wind that occur here frequently. Over time the passage over the pendulum bridge has become a common practice for indigenous people but not all travellers dare to repeat it.

9. Q' Iswa Chaka Bridge Peru

This unusual name for many travellers is known under a different name the rope bridge of the Incas. For the first time these bridges were built during the reign of the Inka Empire the secret of the durability and strength of the bridges is very simple they were built using the strongest vines and sticks that we use to make ropes but despite the fact that before there were even special people who monitor the state of the constructions. The only rope bridge has survived in Peru which is a hundred and eighteen feet long and passes 220 feet over the a / amaq River. it's still actively used by local residents and every year in June they carefully repair the bridge for them the passage along the old structure has become a common routine or for tourists it's literally a deadly danger.

10 .Drift Bridge of Swiss City Bern

It was built relatively recently in 2004 on the initiative of a major energy company which carried out work on the trip Glacia. Five years later the first reconstruction of the bridge was carried out. One of the main problems of the structure was its immense mobility the wind made the bridge swings strongly making the passage across the bridge are truly deadly and dangerous deed.

It is one of the most dangerous and the highest suspension bridge in europe its width is about three feet and his length is 560 feet nowadays it's a very interesting attraction for tourists but the walks on the bridge were only possible in quiet and windless.