Top 10 Most Unusual Places In The World

Looking at these photos, it's hard to imagine that everything that is depicted on them is a creation of nature and is on our planet. We propose to make sure of this personally, planning a trip to one of the incredible places on our list.

1. Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale is a series of thermal springs, bizarrely carved out "steps" in the snow-white limestone slope. Today not only tourists come here who want to see the miracle of nature, but also those whose goal is to improve, and they gladly sink into shallow travertines. Among the open for swimming, one of the most popular is the Cleopatra Pool.


2. Waitomo caves, Australia

Waitomo caves in the New Zealand region of Waikato and in themselves are quite interesting: here you can observe intricate limestone outgrowths and bizarre passages created many centuries ago.

Waitomo Caves

3. Lake Retba, Senegal

Going to Senegal, it is worthwhile to understand that there are so many colorful sights there that it is hardly possible to visit all at once. But what is definitely worth your attention is the mysterious "pink lake" - Retba. It looks like a picture from a children's book - snow-white beaches and rose water. For this unusual coloration, the oldest cyanobacteria that inhabit the salt lake are responsible.

Lake Retba

4. Dragon trees on the island of Socotra, Yemen

And the reason for the fantasy name of these trees is the bright red juice that is allocated. Having made an incision in the bark, you can see how the Draconian tree begins to "bleed".

Dragon trees

5. Shondong Cave, Vietnam

Located in the Vietnamese province of Kuangbin, Shondong Cave is considered to be the largest in the world. Here you can see the passages up to 200 meters high and 150 meters wide.

Shondong Cave

6. Saline of Uyuni, Bolivia

Listing the most unusual places in the world, you can not forget about Salar de Uyuni. The natural pearl of Bolivia, Uyuni is a salt marsh, that is, a dried salt lake. A real miracle of nature it becomes during the rainy season. Covering a thin layer of water, the salty surface turns into the largest natural mirror in the world. On a fine day, this clear mirror reflects the clear Bolivian sky - the perfect background for the photo.

Uyuni Solonchak

7. Glowing water in the Maldives

The most amazing places in the world can be found in popular rest places, the main thing is to know where and when to look. H and the Maldives unique "starry sky" comes straight into the ocean! This is due to luminescent plankton, which inhabits the waters off the island of Vadhu.


8. Multi-colored dunes in the park Lassen, USA

And this multi-colored geological formation has long ago deserved the glories of the unearthly. Dunes are located at the cone of an ancient sleeping volcano in the Lassen National Park.


9. Geyser Fly, USA

America is very rich in its natural resources, and therefore the most unusual places in the world can be found in the United States. The American artificial geyser Flay will be more correctly called a constantly operating thermal source, because one of the signs of a geyser is impermanence. He appeared as a result of human activity.

Geyser Fly

10. The road of the giants, Ireland

This Irish landmark also appeared due to volcanic interference. Thanks to the eruption, which took place many centuries ago, there appeared 40,000 basalt columns that go into the sea, like steps for the real giant.

The road of the giants