Fantastic Aruba. Beach of pink flamingos!

On the private island of the Renaissance in the Caribbean, there is a beach full of pink flamingos, they are importantly pacing and taking refreshments from the hands of astonished tourists. Pink flamingos on the beach of the Renaissance island of the state of Aruba near Venezuela have become a well-known landmark.

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The beach with pink flamingos is not available to everyone, because the island on which the birds live lives belongs to the Renaissance hotel and the beach is accessible only to its guests, but all the others need to purchase a ticket to get to this beach.

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The island of Renaissance resembles paradise, here white sand, the turquoise ocean and pink flamingos on long legs boldly go on contact with people. where to go on the weekend of Aruba, where to go for the weekend beach of pink flamingos, the beach of pink flamingos photo, where the beach is pink flamingo, where to fly for the weekend

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But on the island you can find only nice pink birds, on the other part of the famous beach live iguanas, they are also tame and contact. Iguana, love to be ironed, love to bask in the sun and behave like domestic cats ...

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Tourists who come to the island with pink flamingos on tickets, can stay here all day, hungry will not remain, there are several bars and restaurants.

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