Hollywood stars who are not shy of gray hair

While some actors paint over gray hair, as do, for example, Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler, others support naturalness and do not hide the bloom of time on the hair. Some of these stars are gray to the face, and some are not, but, in any case, this position deserves respect.

Pierce Brosnan

Apparently, Pierce Brosnan decided that if walking, with music, and in addition to the gray hairs on the sides, he grew a thick and completely gray beard. I must say that, even though the beard has changed it beyond recognition (are you also accustomed to smooth-shaven James Bond?), It looks amazing for its age.

Matt LeBlanc

Thanks to the TV series "Friends" Matt LeBlanc , more precisely, his hero, charming rustic Italian Joe, has become a sex symbol for a whole generation. After so many years, his "neighbor" Matthew Perry rather lost male attractiveness, but LeBlanc can still make the female heart beat more often, despite the extra weight, wrinkles around the eyes and gray hair, which the actor is not ashamed of.

George Clooney

We no longer remember George Clooney without gray hair. The actor began to turn gray at 33 and at first tried to fight it with radical methods, for example, in 1998 he repainted in white and began to resemble a beach bum.

Richard Gere

What is the early gray hair, knows firsthand, and Richard Gere . Even in "Pretty Woman", where he is only 40, the actor already flaunts with lightly silvered hair. Has his hero become worse off? Not a drop. On the contrary, the noble gray on a relatively young actor looks organically. And now, when his head is ruled by a snow-white mane, Gir did not lose his former impressiveness.

Ben affleck

Ben Affleck jokes that he didn’t have a single gray hair until he undertook to direct "Operation Argo." But most likely, alcohol problems, divorce from Jennifer Garner and heavy shooting in “Batman” are to blame for his gray hair . The actor perceived the first signs of an approaching old age with dignity and does not try to hide them with wigs or paint. Apparently, this was taught to him by a friend more experienced in matters of gray hair, George Clooney.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt somehow imperceptibly migrated from the category of "sex symbols" to "mature beauties over 50". For a long time it seemed that he had avoided the influence of time - not like his younger hero Benjamin Button, but nevertheless. But apparently, emotionally difficult divorce from Angelina Jolie knocked him out of the rut, and on his hair she began to gleam gray in a treacherous manner. But does she not suit him?

Hugh grant

At 52, Hugh Grant stopped painting over gray hair, which overwhelmed his fans. “His blue eyes faded against the background of gray hair,” the spectators were upset. In particular, this became noticeable after the premiere of the film “The Agents of ANNKL”. However, the actor does not want to go against time and resort to various cosmetic tricks, unless the script requires it.