The Most Bizarre Beauty Product From China - Facekini

1. This is how it looks like

In China, pale skin is synonymous with femininity and status, which is why girls in this country choose to take care of their faces and protect them from the sun. But what happens when the summer holidays arrive and it's time to go to the beach or enjoy a pool party?

For those moments, Zhang Shifan created the famous facekini, a mask similar to balaclavas which aims to protect the skin of Chinese bathers. The garment is made of an elastic material, like nylon, that only lets see the eyes, nose and mouth. Protects the head, face and neck.

2. Actually, it's not such a bad idea

According to the World Health Organization, avoiding ultraviolet rays is a good idea, since they are the main cause of malignant cutaneous melanomas and the basic recommendations are to use sun block, hat and sunglasses .

3. There are different prints

Apart from the opera styles, there are other colorful designs.

4. They can match

For example, you can use it with your partner or with your best friend..

5. Age does not matter

There are designs for all sizes and tastes.

6. The complete outfit

Some companies sell a full bathing suit for added protection and that can be combined with the facekini.

7. Meet the creator - Shifan

The garment appeared in 2014, but many children were scared to see it. To avoid more scared children, Zhang redesigned them inspired by Peking opera.

8. This is how the facekini looks

This is how the facekini looks

9. Some More Styles

This is how the facekini looks

10. Some More Styles

This is how the facekini looks