Signs of an intelligent woman

1. You think all the time. You do not have a vacuum in your head. Each of your actions comment in the mind. Because of this, you never commit rash acts.

2. You have a rich vocabulary. You are never frightened of difficult terms and are ready to support the conversation even with a candidate of economic sciences. Your vocabulary allows you to conduct highly intelligent conversations.

3. You are inquisitive. If you do not know something, then immediately fill the gap in knowledge. An inquisitive woman does not fixate herself on manicure or povareshkah. The circle of her interests is wide, like an ocean. She is constantly in search of new information.

4. A smart woman does not look stupid movies and serials. Her and kalachom not lure to view a frankly low-grade film product. She loves smart movies, quality humor. And do not stick to the series in five hundred series.

5. You have clear ideas about the future. A sign of an intelligent woman is the plan for tomorrow. She's all painted. She though approximately, but knows, what at it the purpose in a life. A smart woman understands that a clear goal is easier to achieve.

6. You do not communicate with stupid people. From them you can catch stupidity and stupidity. Therefore, all your friends and acquaintances can boast of high intelligence. And you adopt their wisdom.

7. Delay is not for you. You are so good at timing that you never force yourself to wait. A smart woman understands that being late without a very good reason has a negative effect on the image.

8. You develop your soul and body. A smart person understands that for a fulfilling life he needs strong mental and physical health. Therefore, the brain drain must be alternated with physical exertion and trips to the museum.

9. You have a well developed logic. Very valuable female quality, over which men often laugh. But logic is vital. Without it, life will simply fall apart. Smart woman with logic is friendly, and therefore achieves success.

10. Smart woman knows how to pretend to be a fool. She knows that men do not like intellectuals. Therefore, you can easily pretend to be not too smart young lady. But this is such a game, an innocuous way to flirt. To the man relaxed and felt the most intelligent.

A smart woman is like a candy with a nut inside. It is interesting, comprehensively developed, it is pleasant to deal with it. If you are smart, they will reach out to you.

Everyone loves people who have not only a beautiful appearance. More valuable was always the mind. This is the most important trump card that every woman should possess.