Top 10 beaches in Israel

Israel is washed by four seas, from the south by the Red Sea, from the west by the Mediterranean, from the east by the Dead, and from the north-east by the fresh Sea of ​​Galilee. On each coast there are excellent resorts and beaches for every taste. In this article, we consider the top 10 beaches in Israel that deserve attention.

Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv

One of the most popular beaches in Tel Aviv is the noisy and crowded beach of Gordon. It is located in the center of the city, however, the sand and the water here are very clean. On the beach a lot of entertainment - beach tennis, volleyball, disco. The promenade along the coast is rich in bars, cafes and shops. Entrance to the beach is free, you can also use the showers for free. Sun umbrella can be rented for 6 shekels, and the cost of renting a sunbed - 12 shekels.

Kalia, Dead Sea

The unusual beach on the coast of the Dead Sea is ideally equipped for a comfortable stay in Israel. There are sun beds, sun awnings, fresh water showers, toilets and changing rooms. Entrance to the beach is 55 shekels for adults and 44 for children and senior citizens. For an additional fee, you can book spa services, rent quad bikes or bicycles, as well as go on excursions. In close proximity is a modern amusement park.

Bora Bora, Tiberias

Bora Bora is considered one of the most beautiful and well-groomed beaches in Israel . Entrance to the beach is paid, for adults - 40 shekels, for children - 20. On weekends - Friday and Saturday, and on holidays, the cost will increase by 10 shekels. The beach area is equipped with lawns, soft sun beds and chairs, modern changing rooms, toilets and showers. The water here is crystal clear. There is a bar and restaurant on the beach.

Mosh, Eilat

The lively Mosh beach on the Red Sea is a romantic and rave place for young people and lovers of relaxing holidays. The beach is covered with sand and pebbles, and equipped with umbrellas and long arches Pleasant reggae plays on the beach, a cafe works. The underwater world is rich and picturesque here, so snorkel lovers will find something to do.

Sironit, Netanya

The main beach of Netanya is Sironit, protected by breakwaters and equipped with an amazing high-speed elevator. This glass elevator with a capacity of up to 33 people in just 2 shekels delivers travelers to the beach. There are also playgrounds, sports grounds for active games, restaurants and bars. Sun lounger can be rented for 15 shekels, and an umbrella - for 10.

Dolphin Reef, Eilat

Dolphin Reef is a popular beach resort south of Eilat. The entrance ticket will cost $ 19, and for a unique opportunity to swim with charming dolphins have to pay from $ 100, which includes the cost of entering the park. Here you can use the services of a diving center and get acquainted with the rich fauna of the coral reef surrounding the bay.

Palmachim, Tel Aviv

Palmachim, a quiet secluded beach of Israel, is not equipped with showers and armchairs, but it is unusually beautiful. Clear water and white sand, as well as the panorama of Tel Aviv in the distance - all this makes Palmachim a great place to relax in peace and quiet. There are several toilets on the beach, and a lifeguard is on duty.

Hilton, Tel Aviv

The popular Hilton Beach gets its name from a nearby hotel. The beach has an informal atmosphere and contrasts sharply with the nearby religious beach. Dog lovers like to come here with their pets, as the stay of animals on the beach is not prohibited.

Dekel, Eilat

Dekel Beach is a popular holiday destination in Israel. The coastal zone is covered with imported sand, there are umbrellas and sun beds. There are restrooms, showers and changing rooms. Grab a bite at the seaside cafes, and sell drinks right on the beach.

Aqueduct, Caesarea

The beach is famous for its proximity to the ancient aqueduct, whose age is more than a thousand years. Here it is not crowded and quiet, and the sand is very soft and clean. The beach is not equipped with sun loungers and sunshades, a cabin for undressing is also not found there, but this fact fully pays off with incredible views and pacification.