Top 10 Forbidden Places On Earth

1. Snake Island, Brazil

Although beautiful, but Snake Island in Brazil is a place you do not want to visit. The island off the coast of Sao Paulo is home to 4,000 of the deadliest snakes on earth.

It is said that snakes on the island are so strong that they can make human flesh melt. So dangerous, the Brazilian government closed the island to the public..

2. Room 39, North Korea

Located in Pyongyang, Room 39 is also known as Bureau 39. Established in 1970, Room 39 is an organization aimed at collecting foreign currency for Kim Jong Un.

Space 39 information is minimal, but it is believed there are 20 bank accounts in Switzerland and China used for money laundering and other illegal activities. Bureau 39 has 130 trading companies directly controlled by Kim Jong un.

3. Area 51, US

The most famous area that humans can not enter is Area 51. This US military base is located in the Nevada desert, about 80 km from Las Vegas. According to the government's official statement, Area 51 is a place for research and development of fighter jets and weapons. Interestingly, this place was only recognized by the US government in 2013, before the White House has always denied the existence of Area 51.

Rumors that develop Area 51 are not weapons testing places, but where the US communicates with aliens using sophisticated technology.

4. Pine Gap, Australia

This is Area 51 of Australia. Pine Gap located in the city of Alice Spring is a space and intelligence control center operated by Australia and the US.

From here, the Five Eye Countries - AS, Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand - spy on the world in the ECHELON coded intelligence program. Pine Gap is the only place in Australia to implement a no-fly zone.

5. Vatican Secret Library

The Vatican Library is the largest and most secretive library on earth. It is said that only a few important people in the Vatican had ever entered it. Rumor has it that there are very rare books, ranging from Mayan codes to evidence of a human-to-alien relationship.

6. The Sentinel Islands

North Sentinel Island is probably the most mysterious and remote island that has never been visited by modern humans. The island is inhabited by about 50 to 500 local tribes who live there for nearly 60 thousand years and disconnected with the outside world.

The island is located deep into the Bay of Bengal, in the Indian Ocean.

7. The Niihau Islands

The next place where not to get to mere mortals is the island of Niihau. It is part of the network of islands belonging to Hawaii. Access to the islands is allowed only to its residents and their relatives. On the island of Niihau, there is not a single store, restaurant and other favorite places of urban residents. There is only one school in which there is no electricity, and the only source of illumination is the sun. It is the eternal light that provides the inhabitants of the island with the flow of energy. Niihau is the property of the Robbinson family.

8. Surtsey Island

The next part of the Earth inaccessible to people in our Top 10 most forbidden places is the Surtsey island in Iceland, located in the southern part of the country. Its discovery and appearance on the map of the earth was due to an underwater volcanic eruption. Residents of Iceland called the island Surtsey in honor of the hero of the local legend - the fire giant. The island attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world. They found that this part of the land consisted of a porous volcanic substance. To ensure that the research of scientists did not interfere, access to the island was limited. After a while, scientists established that life on the island appeared in the very first minutes of its appearance. An interesting fact - the formation of the island lasted for four years until the volcano ceased to erupt. Surtsey remains closed to people and to this day.

9. Metro-2 Russia

Metro-2 is a secret underground metro, which is located parallel to the public Moscow metro. It was built by Josef Stalin and received the code name D-6 in the KGB. Presumably, it is still used by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The length of Metro-2, according to rumors, exceeds the length of the public metro. They say that he connects the Kremlin with the headquarters of the FSB and other places of national importance. The FSB or the Moscow Metro administration refuses to confirm or deny its existence to this day.

10. Caves of Lasko, France

The caves located in the southwestern part of France are known for their rock carvings. Archaeologists say that the drawings have been preserved since the Paleolithic era. Their approximate age is 17,300 years. Basically, they imprinted images of local animals, in particular, cattle. Access to these caves was opened until 1963 to all residents. But after this year, the entrance was officially banned, in order to preserve the mystery of nature. No one has ever visited Lasko's caves. Found this museum of primitive painting in 1940. A huge stream of tourists began to damage the cave. The number of people wishing to visit an unusual place with every day, everything only increased. As a result of such a human factor, as the release of carbon dioxide, had to forbid visiting the cave. It was all to blame, that on the walls appeared fungal formations, which distorted the drawings. In order to preserve the primitive art, the caves of Lasko forever became inaccessible to man.