Top 10 Most Spectacular Photographs Taken From Drones

Below are a selection of the most impressive images taken from drones and hopes to infect you with love for this new art form.

Picture 1.

©Ric Netto/dronestagram

This photo is made in a truly heavenly place - on the beach of Praia da Figueira, Brazil. The southern sun, golden sands and picturesque lagoon - what else is needed for happiness?

Picture 2.

© helios1412/dronestagram

A woman collects water lilies in the delta of the Nine Dragons, Vietnam.

Picture 3.

© capungaero / dronestagram

Eagle hovering over the expanses of the national park in Bali, Indonesia.

Picture 4.

© waterproject / instagram

"This photo was one of the first that I took on my faithful drone. It was she who made me tightly sit down on quadraphy and create new and new funny images. " Laguna Beach, California.

Picture 5.

© bachir_photo_phactory / instagram

More than 5 million natural flowers and plants were used to recreate the full-size A380 aircraft. Dubai, UAE.

Picture 6.

© ValentinValkov/dronestagram

Aerial view of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin on Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Picture 7.

© kaszphotocreative/instagram

"Guys! The whale floats just below us! "I've never been so enthusiastic before, taking off whales in flight. He was at the same time under us and behind us. It's inexpressible! "California, USA..

Picture 8.

© LukeMaximoBell / dronestagram

Two cows, lit by the sun, in the morning watering hole, South Africa.

Picture 9.


"Early morning, light mist and calm. We are on the coastline of California in one of our favorite places to admire the sea elephants gathered on the beach. It's just a breathtaking spirit. " California, USA.

Picture 10.

© DroneFilmsProject / dronestagram

Sunrise on the waterfall "The Throat of the Devil", Misiones, Argentina.