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Character Limit set By Different Social media platforms

  1. Google:

    • Meta Title (Google Search): Around 80 characters.
    • Meta Description (Google Search): Around 150-160 characters.
    • Google Ads Headline 1: 30 characters.
    • Google Ads Headline 2: 30 characters.
    • Google Ads Description: 90 characters.
  2. Facebook:

    • Facebook Posts: Up to 63,206 characters (but only the first 480 characters will appear in the News Feed without the "See More" link).
    • Facebook Ads Text: 125 characters.
    • Facebook Ad Headline: 25 characters.
  3. Twitter:

    • Tweets: Up to 280 characters (was 140 characters, but changed to 280 in 2017).
  4. Instagram:

    • Instagram Captions: Up to 2,200 characters (but only the first 125 characters will appear in the feed and the rest will be truncated with a "more" link).
    • Instagram Bio: Up to 150 characters.
    • Instagram Username: Up to 30 characters.
  5. LinkedIn:

    • LinkedIn Posts: Up to 1,300 characters, but only the first 140 characters are visible in the feed.
    • LinkedIn Headline: Up to 220 characters.
    • LinkedIn Summary: Up to 2,600 characters.
  6. YouTube:

    • YouTube Video Titles: Up to 100 characters.
    • YouTube Video Descriptions: Up to 5,000 characters.
  7. Pinterest:

    • Pinterest Pins: 100 characters (for the Pin title) and 500 characters (for the Pin description).
  8. Snapchat:

    • Snapchat Text Chat: Limited to around 80 characters per message.
    • Snapchat Captions: Around 80 characters.