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How to come up with a pet name ?

Choosing a name for your pet is not an easy task. Well, if the nickname of the cat and the dog will match their character, appearance, reflect your affection for him. But how to name the dog, so that this name would be original and convenient?

Remember that the name you choose for the animal you will use every day, so it should be pronounced simply and without hesitation. In many ways, the choice of a nickname for a cat, dog or other animal depends on himself, his character and other characteristics. So, the nicknames for pedigreed cats and dogs, with a pedigree, which are purchased in a specialized club, are selected, as a rule, respectable, respectable. In addition, it happens that clubs require that the name of the animal starts with a certain letter.

The choice of a pet's nickname may also depend on the place of residence and breed of the animal. For example, a village cat would be advisable to call a simple nickname - Vaska, Petka and so on. Also nicknames can display the appearance or character of the animal - Gray, Red, Black, Rogue, Sonia, Shustrick.

As they say, the dog is the man's best friend. And the best friend deserves a truly fantastic name. However, coming up with funny nicknames for dogs can actually be more difficult than you think. If you are wondering how to choose names for cats and dogs, use a few simple rules.

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The rules for choosing a name for a cat or a dog

  • Stick to shorter names for dogs and cats. Animals are easier to recognize names that have one or two syllables. If you want to give your puppy a longer and more formal name, know that in the end you will have to cut it down so that it's convenient for you.
  • Choose names with sizzling consonants. Dogs hear high-frequency sounds well, so names beginning with x, w, h, and also with and to, will be a good option. As for cats, it is also better to use sibilant, whistling sounds in the name of cats.
  • Do not choose names that are consonant with the commands you give. For example, dogs do not particularly well recognize the actual word, but instead understand the frequency of its sound, so they can be confused by words that sound too similar.
  • For the dog, the uniqueness of the name is especially important. Too common name of a dog can cause your pet to respond to teams of strangers.
  • Try to "potestit" the name for a puppy or kitten for a few days before making it permanent. See how the pet reacts to it, is it convenient for you.

If you can not choose which name to give to the dog, investigate the names that can be found on the Internet, in addition, an animal nickname generator will come to your rescue.