CSV to JSON Converter

Effortlessly convert your CSV data into JSON format with this easy-to-use online tool. Quickly preview your CSV data, and get neatly formatted JSON output for seamless integration into your applications. Ideal for developers, data analysts, and businesses seeking to streamline their data conversion process.

CSV Input

JSON Output

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Key Benefits of CSV JSON Converter

  • Convert CSV to JSON effortlessly and quickly
  • Preview your CSV data before conversion
  • Customize delimiters and headers for flexibility
  • Enhance data manipulation and sharing capabilities
  • No need for manual data conversion
  • Supports various CSV formats
  • Improve compatibility and efficiency in data projects

Python CSV to JSON Example

Here's a simple Python code snippet using the built-in csv and json modules to convert CSV data to JSON format:

import csv
import json

def csv_to_json(csv_file, json_file):
    csv_data = []
    with open(csv_file, 'r') as csvfile:
        reader = csv.DictReader(csvfile)
        for row in reader:
    with open(json_file, 'w') as jsonfile:
        json.dump(csv_data, jsonfile, indent=4)

# Specify the paths for your CSV and JSON files
csv_file_path = 'input.csv'
json_file_path = 'output.json'

# Call the function to convert CSV to JSON
csv_to_json(csv_file_path, json_file_path)