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Secure Random Password Generator

A variety of passwords today are used everywhere - to protect profiles in social networks, banking information, payment network accounts, etc. Modern people store a lot of important information on the Internet, which is a desirable object for hackers, virtual scammers. Many of them do not cost anything to steal your photos and blackmail them or transfer money from your account. Most often for this they need only know your phone number, postal address and password. The contact data itself can not be protected - they are most often in the public domain. Therefore, the only protection is your password, or even better - if the system you are using has two-step authentication. However, we will talk about passwords and how to create them using a special program - the generator of passwords online .

Generator secure password

How to generate a password?

It is quite difficult to think up such a password yourself. Online password generator greatly simplifies the task, because with it you can create a password as complex as possible. To do this, you need to perform several steps:

  1. Select the password length - a maximum of 108 characters;
  2. The mode of operation is a random or pronounced password. A completely randomly generated password will contain a set of random characters, so remembering it without applying mnemonic rules will be quite difficult. The spoken password remains stable if it contains different characters, but it is easier to remember due to the fact that it remotely resembles some words;
  3. Select an advanced generator - with the help of an advanced generator, the generation process determines your movements with the mouse, on the touchpad or on the keyboard, which complicates the algorithm of the program operation online password generator;
  4. Include the use of various characters - lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, special characters. The more diverse your password is, the more difficult it will be to crack;
  5. Exclude the set B8G6l1 | o0QDS5Z2 - that is, exclude hard-to-remember combinations of symbols.

Why is it important to have complex and reliable passwords?

When choosing a password, you should remember that the key of 6 Latin characters of one register is hacked for 31 seconds, out of 8 - for 5 hours 50 minutes, out of 8 letters, digits and punctuation marks - 530 days. Increase the password to 12 different characters - and this will take thousands of years for the attacker.