Different Shades of Blue

Discover a stunning array of shades of blue, ranging from the soothing hues of light blue to the captivating depths of dark blue. Explore a rich palette of colors with various names, each representing a unique facet of the color spectrum. From the enchanting shades of blue-green to the timeless classics and lesser-known tones, our collection encompasses all shades of blue, providing a comprehensive experience for color enthusiasts.
Aqua : rgb(0,255,255)
Azure : rgb(240,255,255)
Baby Blue : rgb(137,207,240)
Blue : rgb(0,0,255)
Blue Gray : rgb(115,147,179)
Blue Green : rgb(8,143,143)
Bright Blue : rgb(0,150,255)
Cadet Blue : rgb(95,158,160)
Cobalt Blue : rgb(0,71,171)
Cornflower Blue : rgb(100,149,237)
Cyan : rgb(0,255,255)
Dark Blue : rgb(0,0,139)
Denim : rgb(111,143,175)
Egyptian Blue : rgb(20,52,164)
Electric Blue : rgb(125,249,255)
Glaucous : rgb(96,130,182)
Jade : rgb(0,163,108)
Indigo : rgb(63,0,255)
Iris : rgb(93,63,211)
Light Blue : rgb(173,216,230)
Midnight Blue : rgb(25,25,112)
Navy Blue : rgb(0,0,128)
Neon Blue : rgb(31,81,255)
Pastel Blue : rgb(167,199,231)
Periwinkle : rgb(204,204,255)
Powder Blue : rgb(182,208,226)
Robin Egg Blue : rgb(150,222,209)
Royal Blue : rgb(65,105,225)
Sapphire Blue : rgb(15,82,186)
Seafoam Green : rgb(159,226,191)
Sky Blue : rgb(135,206,235)
Steel Blue : rgb(70,130,180)
Teal : rgb(0,128,128)
Turquoise : rgb(64,224,208)
Ultramarine : rgb(4,55,242)
Verdigris : rgb(64,181,173)
Zaffre : rgb(8,24,168)